Dosage for People

Turmeric Golden Paste dosage for people in New Zealand, instructions on dosage for both adults and children and link to the Turmeric User Group on Facebook. Best for absorption and retention in the body, most cost-effective supplement. 


Dosage for People:

Adults; Start off with ¼ of a teaspoon twice a day with food. After the first week increase to 3x per day. After second week, up the dose to between ½ and 1 teaspoon or increase until you feel the desired effects.

*Feed small amounts often to keep the Turmeric Golden Paste in your system.

Children; Start off with 1/8 teaspoon twice a day with food. After the first week increase to 3x per day. After second week up the dose to ¼ teaspoon or increase until effects are felt.

Teaspoon Guideline 1/4 teaspoon is about 2cm of paste, 1/2 teaspoon is about 4cm and 1 full teaspoon is about 8cm of paste. 

Tips for Consuming Turmeric Golden Paste:

Take straight off the spoon. Turmeric Golden Paste is warming and has spicy, earthy and fruity tones.  

Whilst most people love the taste of Turmeric, those not accustomed, may want to try adding Golden Paste to your cooked dishes (use right at the end of cooking process, to preserve the Piperine content).

Great in curries, stews, gravies, stir fries, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes or salad dressing.

Mix with your toast spreads, like peanut butter or Marmite.

A popular option is to add it to your favourite drink. Mixing your dose in warmed milk creates “Golden Milk”. Add to coffee, tomato juice, smoothies, broth or fermented drinks like kombucha, kefir and yoghurt - then Enjoy!

Rarely, when adding Turmeric into your diet for the first time, you may experience a slight upset stomach. If experienced, lower your dosage for a while before slowly increasing again. Your gut flora will soon start to benefit and be thankful.  

If taking prescription medication consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using.

Can be frozen.

For more support and information on Facebook, join the Turmeric User Group and visit Turmeric Health

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